After doing a trip for two of the most ancient and interesting pharmacies of Madrid, today we change establishment and we are going to visit several pastries of our city. Today we are in the Pastry del Pozo

This pastry is considered to be one of the centenarians of Madrid. It was founded in 1830. Its name owes to the street where it is located, Calle del Pozo nº 6, to a step of the Puerta del Sol. Precisely in this decade of the XIXth century the environment of the Carrera de San Jerónimo turned into an attractive place for the establishment of a big number of business establishments, between which they emphasized the pastries with its novel products.

Typical pastries. Photo:

The old Pastry del Pozo is one of the most ancient establishments of Madrid, which works from the XIXth century and which was managed, in the beginning, by the family Agudo.

View inside. Photo:

In the XXth century the pastry chef Julián Leal Charle was bought this establishment and since then and till now three more generations keep on managing. The establishment presents the esthetics of the traditional commerce, in which there survives complete the front composed by wooden panels and crystal cloths in the doors and the shop window, characteristic of the stoves and ancient Castilian pastries of that few examples stay in Madrid.

The front of pastry. Photo: Wikipedia

The flavor of the ancient workshops preserves its interior. They prepare roscones de Reyes during the whole year. The establishment is known especially for there were the persons in charge of one of the best puff-pastries of Madrid made of form handmade, with stuffed irons of puff-pastry of cream or cabello de ángel (hair of angel). Neither we can leave aside its famous bartolillos, typically of Madrid, that serve with cinnamon in dust superficially. Also, they emphasize the variety of typical nougats like that of Alicante, Jijona, toasted egg yolk, and up to Cádiz bread: a marzipan roll with egg yolk, quince and coconut.

Sweet and salad puff pastries.  Photo:

Other products that join its specialty inside the puff-pastries are the pies of nice, the needles of veal and the bayonesas (stuffed puff-pastry of hair of angel), as well as the Swiss rolls.

Delicious Swiss rolls. Photo: Wikipedia

The whole place is very beautiful and it maintains the ancient extract. It is necessary to admire the ambience that is breathed, in addition to the ancient objects that survive like its old cash register, its lamps or its classic scales of two plates that manage to transport the client about last times.

Old cash register. Photo: Pastry del Pozo

Also, original furniture is worth contemplating another element, as it’s marble counter and wood, as well as its shop windows.

01-27 DSC46361c
Marble and wood counter. Photo: José M. Azcona

To end, we must mention the step of many illustrious personages who have happened along this commerce pastry to taste its famous sweets. They tell that between the clients Gregorio Marañon and Jiménez Díaz were. Others of the histories the fact is that Pío Baroja was coming to taste its puff-pastries.

At present, the business is directed by Estrella, Julián’s granddaughter. A main pastry has always existed, and the recipes have been transmitted from some to others.

Shop window. Photo: ©Madrid Destino

Everything preserves the esthetics, the air and flavor of the everlasting pastries. It’s a luxury that survives in so good condition. We must protect and take care so that nothing of its delight and history does not get lost that patry of all breathes this affectionate establishment and for all.


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